Sunday, July 17, 2011

Work space dilemma

It all started because I bought a beautiful armor for my desktop computer.  It was a steal, it was originally $700 marked down to $75, because of a few minor dings and a bit of the wood is coming apart.  No problem, I have wood glue.  So I stalk the armor in the store, call my husband so he can rush over for the approval.  He says yes (honestly like he was going to say no, I just needed his car and muscle more than approval).  So we buy it load it up and put in the living room/dining room /office.  Its all great, I get everything set up the way I like it and start working away.  After a week or so, I am feeling like this was maybe not the greatest idea.  The keyboard is a little low and there is no room for the mouse, but I love the armor so I can deal with it.  Well this goes on for months, and here it is July and I cannot stand the armor anymore.  I am spending more and more time in front of the computer since I am working on my photography business.  I need a real work space!  So I start searching for desks and I cannot find a thing.  As my husband says they don't make what you want.  The story of my life, so as I usually do I decide to build it!  So here it is!        
view from the top
Unpainted desk

Unpainted desk

finished desk

finished desk

How did I do it?  

First I took a trip to the big box hardware store.  I bought 2 sawhorses for $20.00 and 3 48" x 12" boards.  I was going to have a sawhorse on each end with the boards on top.  So the desk was going to be 48"w x 36"d.  Well I got home and realized that a 36" deep desk was going to stick out to far into the room, and it would not work.  As I was kicking myself for not writing down the measurements before I went to the store, the brilliance struck.  I could use only one sawhorse and 2 boards.  Then it would be 48"w x 24" d.  Perfect!  So I needed to find a way to attach the boards together.  Out to the garage for some scrap wood.  I attached two boards across the  underside of the desk top to connect them together, taking care that they are far enough apart to sit on top of the sawhorse.  Next, I needed to anchor the top to the base (sawhorse), I did not have any brackets so I just screwed through the desk top into the base and I had a desk.  The best part was it took less than 30 minutes to build and most of that time I spend looking for screws, scrap wood and the drill.  I painted it a bright teal and sealed it with some furniture polish and it was good to go.  I had the perfect desk for $27.00!  ($10.00 for one sawhorse, $12.00 for 2 boards, and $5.00 for the mistint paint).
Now I need a desk pad and a better chair.......I'll keep you posted...................    

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My First Blog

Welcome to my blog!
I am always reading blogs and I thought to myself on this rainy Colorado afternoon, why not start a blog of my own.  So here it is.  My name is Kellie.  I am a stay at home mom of a cutie pie 6 year old girl. I am married to a great supportive husband, who is so good with putting up with my crazy ideas.  I have two silly dogs, one of which my blog is named after.  I am an artist, photographer, crafter and anything else I can get my hands on.  I am a closet hippie (a term my husband dubbed me with).  I really like to find used things and give them new life.  I am getting ready to build a desk.  I'll keep you posted............